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Welcome to the Transformation Cafe! We’re glad you’re here. I’m Robin Masiewicz, owner and operator of Flowers for You, a retail florist in Riverside California. Besides my love of flowers, I love to talk to people about their their spiritual and personal journey. Transformation Cafe is about sharing what I’ve learned and helping others on their own path by providing resources, and to form a community for people to share what they’ve learned, and have some fun along the way.

transformation-book-cover-imageThe idea behind Transformation Cafe came from an H2O Festival in Long Beach, California that I spoke at to celebrate the blessings of water. After the event the other presenters and I decided to write essays about the topics we each presented, and then publish the collection of essays as book titled Transformation: Essays on Love, Healing, and Water. My essay is called “There’s a Flower Behind Everything”.

The ideas behind the book led me to create a weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio with some of my friends. We have a regular panel, and then other friends join us when they can to share their perspectives about the topic of the week. We’ve also been fortunate to have a number of great guests, and we’ve talked about a wide variety of topics — art, business, creativity, personal development, spirituality, world events — all with the intent of helping people to transform their lives for the better. We’ve done over 200 episodes of the Transformation Cafe radio show, and we’ve really just scratched the surface. This web site is another place for us to continue the conversation with you, and to learn new ways to transform our lives and live our passion.


Robin Masiewicz at a workshop.


Robin Masiewicz

Owner – Flowers for You (Flowers4u.com) Riverside, California Flowers4u.com


You can reach me at Robin@Transformation-Cafe.com, or send us a message via our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

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