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    Questions to consider
    •Think about what it would mean for you to take vows for your creative life. What ceremony could you invent? What promises would you make?
    Amy: I have an alter in my life to living creatively. I am committed to following my heart in all ways.
    •What small, sustaining action can you take daily to show your devotion to your creative life? It doesn’t even have to be the same action every day, though rituals are always a lovely way to ground our fears, to call to inspiration and let them know we’re showing up, shining the homing beacon.
    Amy: I have my home and office set up with prompts to find ways to be creative. I take refection time daily. I have weekly calls to support and be supportive in taking risks in my life.
    •What things are you so curious about, enjoy so thoroughly, are so interested in that you are willing to eat the shit sandwich that comes along with it? When if you life did you turn away from a pursuit because you just couldn’t stomach the shit sandwich?
    Amy: Working live with people to help them have AHA moments. I couldn’t stomach everything I would have to go through to get a P.hD.
    •Practice being a “deeply disciplined half-ass”. What does that term bring up for you? How can you change your approach to your work? What plan can you “violently execute” this week?
    Amy: I admit that I am a recovering perfectionist. I focus on doing the best that I can with the limited time, money and energy that I have. I push myself to release work that isn’t as perfect as it could be.

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