TC 318: Cafe Book Club – Passion, Spirit, Purpose Ch 8 – 12

TC 318: Cafe Book Club – Passion, Spirit, Purpose Ch 8 – 12

In this week’s podcast host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost discuss chapters 8 – 11 of Passion, Spirit, Purpose – 3 Formulas to Introduce the DOXA Method to Empower You to Love Your Life.

Below you’ll find some questions to consider as you reflect on these chapters. Ana gives us a lot to think about!

Chapter 8 – Learn, Grow, and Live!

Where are you leading now?  Where might you step into leadership in a new place/way?  What is the first step you can take to turn on your own inner light?


Chapter 9:  Freedom! Connecting the Dots

This week try some of the ways to achieve a positive attitude and welcome a new thought pattern on pages 50-51.  What happened?

For inspiration, below is Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford University commencement address from 2005. Standing before the nation’s next generation of innovators was the genius who never graduated from college. He tells the story of how he came to connect the dots of his past and went on to revolutionize technology.

Chapter 10:  Your Metaphorical Grocery Bag

What can I get rid of that now longer serves the life I want…physically… mentally…emotionally and spiritually? It’s time to take a personal inventory of what you want for your life, and what you can get rid of.


Chapter 11: A Cautionary Tale—and a Surprise Ending

What are some simple steps you can take to value and deepen your current relationships? Try some! What happened?

Chapter 12:  Coloring My Views

How can you accept yourself a little bit more today?  OK, READY??? How can you unconditionally love yourself today?

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