TC 319: Cafe Book Club – Passion, Spirit, Purpose Ch 13 – 17

TC 319: Cafe Book Club – Passion, Spirit, Purpose Ch 13 – 17

In this week’s podcast host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost discuss chapters 13 – 17 of Passion, Spirit, Purpose – 3 Formulas to Introduce the DOXA Method to Empower You to Love Your Life.

Chapter 13: What’s Next?

How do you start your day? Try five minutes of stillness before you dive into your day.

To learn more about stillness and its benefits, check out “The Practice of Stillness” by Michael Hyatt. In the article he refers to The Joy Diet by Martha Beck. In chapter 1 Beck states “To begin the Joy Diet, you must do nothing for fifteen minutes a day”.


Here are some suggestions on how to practice stillness excerpted from Hyatt’s article:

How to Practice Stillness

  1. Schedule a time. For me, I schedule stillness first thing in the morning. It has become so precious to me, that I won’t want to start the day without it. I practice this first—before prayer, before Bible reading, before journaling, and before exercise.
  2. Find a place. When I was on vacation, I sat on the dock by the lake. This was ideal. But it is not my real world. Now I simply go into my study and shut the door. The main thing is to find a place where you won’t be interrupted.
  3. Set a timer. I am following Beck’s admonition to set aside fifteen minutes a day. In my limited experience this seems about right. It is amazing how my perception of this time changes from day to day. Sometimes it seems like forever. Other times, it goes by very quickly. I use the timer on my iPhone.
  4. Relax your body. I simply sit in a soft chair with my eyes closed. I then systematically relax my body and get quiet. Beck says that if you can’t sit still, then engage in any mindless physical activity, like rocking in a chair or watching some natural motion like fire or running water. I also play a recording I have of the ocean.
  5. Quiet your mind. This is the biggest challenge for me. Just when I get still, I have some random thought or a whole flurry of thoughts. But I am getting better. Beck offers several techniques for practicing “nonjudgmental observation,” a discipline that keeps your allotted time from being hijacked by an overly-active mind.
  6. Be present. Don’t be regretting or celebrating the past. Don’t be worrying or dreaming about the future. Instead, collect your thoughts and be present—in this moment. It is the most important time you have. In fact, it is the only time you have.
  7. Learn to return. This has been the most helpful component. In involves recalling a “place of peace,” where you had a particularly vivid experience of peace and stillness.
"Still is the Speed of Light". Words by A. Minét and images by Pamela Becker.

“Still is the Speed of Light”. Words by A. Minét and images by Pamela Becker.

Chapter 14: Hearing the Inner Voice

This week eat foods that love you back! Listen to your body.

Chapter 15: Compromise Isn’t Settling!

Ana’s article on Compromise Isn’t Settling appeared on this week’s Huffington Post. Here’s an excerpt:

Compromise is a choice to negotiate and validate one another and support one another. It derives from desire, love and integrity. You grow, you learn and you give.”

Settling is a seed derived from fear, worry, and lack of confidence, anger and stress.”

“Look and feel the disparity. Which would you choose?”

Chapter 16: Creating Ease, Expressing Gratitude

Read or listen to Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages and start listening to others with what you learned.

You can get a quick overview of the book by watching the animated book review below.


Chapter 17: The Unknown

Start an inner voice journal…pose questions and allow the answers to come.


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