TC 322: Tea Time with Louise Carruth

TC 322: Tea Time with Louise Carruth

In this episode of the Transformation Cafe Podcast, we welcome back Louise Carruth, owner of the Little Candle Tea Company in Las Vegas, Nevada, to talk about the little known facts about tea.

Did you know that the fragrance of tea, just like wine, plays a large part in its taste? So make sure to enjoy the aroma as you sip your tea!

Is Herbal Tea really Tea?

Technically any drink you make from an infusion of herbs, spices, or other plants – but doesn’t contain tea leaves – is called a tisane (tea-zahn). These drinks are distinguished from true teas like green, white, yellow, and oolong, which are prepared from the cured leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis (cam-MEE-lee-ah sin-EN-sis), so herbal “tea” isn’t technically tea. Still, if you go to a restaurant and order a tisane, you’ll probably be met with a blank stare.

Tea Plantation

Tea Plantation

Benefits of White Tea

White tea is the least processed form of tea and has a more delicate flavor. Because of it’s minimal processing it contains more nutrients than black or green tea, making it “the ultimate Health Tea”. You can learn more about the health benefits of white tea at the White Tea Guide.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is considered one of the world’s healthiest drinks and contains one of the highest amount of antioxidants of any tea. It’s been shown to improve brain function, aid in fat loss, and lower risk of cancer. You can learn about the 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea at Authority Nutrition, and the 11 Benefits of Green Tea You Didn’t Know About from There are also numerous medical studies that demonstrate the medicinal benefits of green tea.

Chinese gunpowder tea is rolled by hand.

Chinese gunpowder tea is rolled by hand.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have been used traditionally for their medicinal effects. Chamomile, for example, helps to calm you and has a mild sedative effect. Teas made from peppermint, spearmint, and other types of mint are often recommended to help soothe digestive issues. I like green tea infused with spearmint and a little honey as a refreshing change of pace.

Chamomile flower tea is one of the most consumed teas in the world.

Chamomile flower tea is one of the most consumed teas in the world.

Recommended Herbal Teas:

  • Chamomile
  • Mint
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Lavender tea

Mint tea is also very popular and is great for soothing your digestive system.

If you would like to order tea online, visit Louise’s The Little Candle Tea Company.

Little Candle Tea logo

Louise’s Bio

After teaching elementary school for 30 years in California, I decided to retire to Las Vegas. I did teach for one year here, and met a friend who loved drinking coffee, as I still do, and also loose leaf tea. She introduced me to the aromas and flavors of so many teas, my interest was piqued and that was that! I started learning all I could and began a business focusing on tea education. Most of my customers were also new to loose leaf (specialty) tea, and we began the journey together; learning and drinking this most wonderful brew.

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  1. Jennifer Miller
    Nov 27, 2016

    Thank you Louise and of course Amy and Robin!
    This was a delightful surprise to listen to!
    I’m enjoying a cup of room is now with a drop of vanilla and a touch of liquid stevia for an afternoon treat!
    So happy to share in your passion for tea!

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