TC321: Cafe Book Club interview with Ana Weber – author of Passion, Spirit, Purpose

TC321: Cafe Book Club interview with Ana Weber – author of Passion, Spirit, Purpose

In this week’s podcast host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost welcome back bestselling author and success coach Ana Weber, author of Passion, Spirit, Purpose – 3 Formulas to the DOXA Method to Empower You to Love Your Life to discuss what we’ve learned from this great little book.

In this interview Ana recaps some ideas from the book, and describes how it has impacted her readers. Ana is now in the process of developing a companion workbook so we can dive deeper into the DOXA method (which we’ll share on here on Transformation Cafe when it’s available).

Update: Since this was originally posted, Ana Weber was featured on the TV show “Moving America Forward” with William Shatner in April 2017. Below is her segment from the show.

Man with outstretched arms

This man has found his Passion, Spirit, and Purpose

Amy also tells a story about how she has been applying some of the DOXA principles to her work with veterans and their families, and what she’s experienced as a result. It illustrates how these concepts can be applied in a real-world setting.

Author Biography:

The consummate “people person,” Ana approaches every person and every new experience with joy and love. Her employees love to work with her, and her friends love to be around her. And at every company she has helped to manage, she’s helped engineer massive revenue growth. As an example, she took one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in just five years, while creating 83 new full-time jobs. If you ask Ana the secret of her long string of business successes, she’ll tell you it’s all about building relationships.

In addition to her many decades of business experience, Ana has achieved success in multiple parallel careers—as a writer, speaker, personal and business/professional coach, and philanthropist:


Since 2005, she’s published 17 nonfiction books on personal improvement, covering personal happiness, time management, healthy eating, business/personal success, parenting and money relationships as well as a novel and a poetry collection. Her books have been featured on some of the top websites in the world, including SheKnows, VenusDivas, American Airlines, USA Weekly, Wall Street Journal and Bank of America Newsletter April, 2013.

As a freelance journalist who has published in Parents Magazine, Lifestyle, USA Today, USA Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Bank of America, American Airlines on flight Magazine, Celebrity, Orange County Register, and TV Guide, she has interviewed dozens of high-profile high achievers, among them supermodel Kathy Ireland, anti-aging expert Dr. William Andrews, and Melanie True Hills—e-business strategist, author, and founder and CEO of the American Foundation for Women’s Health.


Ana’s recent presentations include Canyon Ranch, Avalon European River Cruises (general public); Southwest Airlines, ADP, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic (corporate), American Institute of Architects National Conference, University of Michigan Annual Education Conference, Eastern Michigan University (academic and professional organizations). University of Delaware. (Detailed list of presentations on request.)

360 Degrees of Success Coach:

Ana has a terrific online course called 360 Degrees of Success. Learn directly from Ana as she provides you with practical tools to maintain a high energy level…merge their passion, talents, skills, educations and experiences…live in the present…and, most importantly, live a balanced, joyful, and successful life linking the 4 essential ingredients money-relationships-energy-time.

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