TC323 – Near Death Experiences: Joy, Celebration, and Purpose

TC323 – Near Death Experiences: Joy, Celebration, and Purpose

In this week’s podcast Robin and her guest Marvine Lindberg discuss Near Death Experiences (NDEs), a phenomenon that has become the subject of serious scientific study.

Marvine recounts her own near death experience that occurred when she was 24 and undergoing surgery. She tells of meeting her grandfather and having conversations with other people dressed in white, and being given the choice of staying or going back to her body. This was at a time before the phenomenon of NDEs even had a name, let alone were discussed in the open.

The term “Near Death Experiences” was coined by Raymond Moody, MD, PhD in the 1970s. In his landmark book Life After Life, Dr. Moody investigated more than one hundred case studies of people who experienced “clinical death” and were subsequently revived.


In the podcast, Robin mentions an article called “The Mystical Impact of Near Death Experiences” by Bruce Greyson, PhD. Dr. Greyson concludes the article this way: “At the very least, near-death experiences should foster spiritual growth by leading us to question some of our basic assumptions about mind and brain, about our relationship to the divine, and about the universe and our role in it.”

Research has shown that individuals from different cultures and backgrounds relate very similar elements when they recount what they experienced during near-death. In the video below, Dr. Greyson observes that individuals from different cultures don’t share the same vocabulary, but do describe similar experiences. What a westerner would describe as “a tunnel”, someone from a third-world country might describe as “a cave”. It’s also worth noting that they are trying to put an an experience that is ineffable – something not able to be described in words – into words.

In the video below, Dr. Greyson talks about consciousness without brain activity.


The Mystical Impact of Near Death Experiences – article by Bruce Greyson.

Life after Life Institute

International Association for Near Death Studies

List of References from “The Self Does Not Die

Do you know of someone that has had a near death experience? Would you believe them if they told you they had?

Marvine’s Bio:

As a result of using Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance, Marvine Lindberg’s life is a unique one. Aside from her private practice, Marvine has worked with the professional fields of Education, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Engineering, Business and Performing Arts. In her private consulting work Marvine has the pleasure of helping hundreds of her clients reach their goals, understand and overcome their fears, improve their health, and enrich the quality of their lives. Marvine has made numerous public appearances and taught throughout California, Washington and Alberta, Canada. She has a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy and a Certificate of Achievement in Telecommunications, with an emphasis in Television and Film Production. Marvine’s commitment to God and/or Primary Source Energy, as she understands it, and service to others has been an important part of her life since she was small. She became an ordained minister in 1974.

You can contact Marvine through her web site:

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