TC330: Building a Community of Fitness

TC330: Building a Community of Fitness

In this week’s podcast we welcome Debbie Carreon to discuss how some fitness clubs are changing from some place just to exercise, to a place where you can develop friendships and build a sense of community.

Strengthening Community Ties

Beyond just the desire to look good and be fit, the issue that’s becoming increasingly important, especially as our population ages, is community. Social isolation is a serious issue, and can lead to many health-related problems that have a wide-reaching effect. One reason people join a fitness facility is to feel they are part of a social network. In addition to having a fun place to meet people, members are engaging in healthy activities.

The relationship between personal trainers and clients becomes even more important as clients enter their golden years. Some clubs mix young, energetic trainers with older clients; it is good for both parties. It’s equally important to have older people on staff to reflect how everyone at every age contributes to a sense of belonging. An older workforce brings wisdom and fosters mentorship, which strengthens community.

The Happiness Quotient

Ultimately, people want to be happy. In most cases, a buying decision is rooted in the desire for happiness, whether the purchase is a vacation, a new car, a better house or new shoes; the underlying motivation for spending money is happiness. When someone is considering buying a membership or personal training package, she is imagining a healthier body. Why have a healthier body? To be happier and more satisfied with life. A healthy body is important to overall happiness and peace of mind. It’s hard to be happy when the thought of clothes shopping causes despair or when you’re in constant pain and discomfort. Some people even fear pursuing happiness because they believe the pursuit is selfish, impossible or both.

Trainers that understand this fear and the desire for happiness have empathy for customers and support them on their journeys to health and happiness. This desire for happiness is not only a possibility; it’s a necessity for a fulfilling life! Happy people create more happiness.

Guest: Debbie Carreon, General Manager 24 Hour Fitness

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