TC337: Growing Forward-Nutrition with Catie Fitzgerald

TC337: Growing Forward-Nutrition with Catie Fitzgerald

In this podcast we wrap up our discussion of Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, and welcome back our nutritional guru Catie Fitzgerald to talk about food and how it relates to codependency. Catie also describes her new program for 2017.

Chapter 20 – Learning to Live and Love Again At the Same Time

This chapter reviews summarizes the main concepts from the book.

“At least I don’t run around actively seeking my own demise anymore”. – Anonymous Alanon Member

Getting started:

In a nutshell, she uses the HOW method:

H – Honesty – get honest
O – Openness – keep an open mind
W – Willingness – become willing to try new things

We need to learn to really see ourselves and our motives. Melodie says to pick one behavior to work on at a time. Work on one, then get busy on another. Chapter four can help with this. Time to light a fire under ourselves.

Ways to get our needs met:

  • detachment
  • don’t rescue people
  • be direct
  • pay attention to ourselves
  • work a 12 step program
  • become “undependent”
  • seek and build healthy relationships
  • don’t maintain painful relationships
  • set goals and reach them
  • know growth is uncomfortable but worth it
  • have fun
  • balance emotional, physical and spiritual needs
  • let go of grief
  • balance giving and receiving
  • balance between letting go and doing our part
  • balance problem solving and living with unsolved problems
  • let go of unrealistic expectations (most of them)
  • remember we are important, valuable and deserve a decent life

I am responsible for my choices and behaviors in initiating, maintaining, and discontinuing relationships as appropriate.

Growing Forward:

  • Its okay to backtrack a bit
  • Face tough decisions about relationships
  • Be patient when rebuilding damaged relationships—Love and trust heal on their own time. Sometimes they can’t heal.
  • Find new friends.
  • Work on ourselves and learn what needs to be learned.
  • Strive toward goals.
  • Have fun.
  • Trust God (or your higher power) and ask for guidance
  • Love from strength not weaknesses.
  • When we fall, get up and start again.

“Getting our balance and keeping it once we have found it is what recovery is all about. If that sounds like a big order, don’t worry. We can do it. We can learn to love again. We can even learn to have fun at the same time”.

Catie Fitzgerald – A Different Perspective on Food

Catie is launching her Health Quest 2017 through Enhanced Nutrition Solutions. This program gives you seven days of concentrated things to do, then after those seven days you practice on your own. The following month you get another seven days of concentrated things to do, and the cycle continues.

Catie’s last episode: TC327: Making Food Your Friend for the Holidays.

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