TC344: Cafe Book Club presents The Book of Joy – Pillar 2: Humility

TC344: Cafe Book Club presents The Book of Joy – Pillar 2: Humility

In this episode host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost continue their discussion of the Eight Pillars of Joy. This week focuses on the second pillar: Humility.

We are all just human beings

Dalai Lama said, referring back to the Archbishop’s story about preaching at Chris Hani’s funeral. “You mentioned when you spoke at the funeral that you did not consider yourself superior, you were just one of them. That’s very, very important. I always feels the same way when I give a talk. I consider myself as simply another person, just like those in the audience, same human being. So, I am just one human being talking to other human beings. ”

“Similarly, they should consider me as the same human being, with the same potential for constructive emotions and destructive emotions.¬†When we meet anyone, first and foremost we must remember that they, too, have the same desire to have a happy day, a happy month, a happy life. And all have the right to achieve it.”

“Then, you see, my talk may offer them something relevant, but if I consider myself something special, or they also consider me something different and special, then my experience will not be of much use. So it’s a wonder that, in you, Archbishop, I have found a comrade who fully shares this same view.”

The Archbishop tells a joke

“‘Can you explain the role that humility plays in cultivating joy?’ I asked, as the Archbishop started laughing.”

“They tell the story of a bishop,” he began, “who was about to ordain candidates to the priesthood. They were speaking about virtues, including the virtue of humility. One of the candidates came up to the Bishop and said, ‘My lord, I’ve been looking in the library to find a book on humility.’ The bishop said, ‘Oh, yes, I’ve written the best book on the subject.'”

Humility is essential

“The Dalia Lama and the Archbishop were both insistent that humility is essential to any possibility of joy. When we have a wider perspective, we have a natural understanding of our place in the great sweep of all that was, is, and will be. This naturally leads to humility and the recognition that as human beings we can’t solve everything or control all aspects of life. We need others.”

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