TC352: Staying Well on Vacation with guest Catie Fitzgerald

TC352: Staying Well on Vacation with guest Catie Fitzgerald

On this episode of the Transformation Cafe podcast we welcome back nutritional counselor Catie Fitzgerald. Catie tells us about her approach to staying well on vacation, by preparing your body ahead of time so you don’t get sick while having fun!

The CIGS Approach

A 4-prong approach to staying healthy on your vacation: CIGS. This is the only time that CIGS denotes something healthy for you!

  • Condition your body to be active
  • Nourish your immune system
  • Prime your GI tract for proper function
  • Reduce the impact of Stress on your body

Below is a link to a PDF of Catie’s great article! Download the article and you’ll find great resources to help you prepare your body and mind. Catie also includes a table of foods that provide vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.

Staying Well on Vacation – (PDF file)

The Four R’s

After vacation, apply the four R’s to make your transition back to normal a smooth one.

  • Reflect – on what you saw and did
  • Re-establish routines– go to bed at a descent hour and set your alarm for the time you normally go to work
  • Restock your refrigerator and pantry with healthy whole foods  so you can replenish your body
  • Recalibrate – Plan your schedule and to-dos for your first week back to work. Revisit your personal and professional goals.


Catie Fitzgerald, Health and Nutrition Coach
Enhanced Health Solutions

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