TC354: The Game Called Life – Interview with author Kay Gilley

TC354: The Game Called Life – Interview with author Kay Gilley

In this week’s episode of the Transformation Cafe podcast, host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost welcome Kay Gilley. Kay is the author of “The Game Called Life” available from Amazon. Kay and Amy have been friends for over 20 years.

About Kay:

Kay Gilley is a spiritual coach and mentor to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. In her writing, public speaking and individual work, she helps individuals break out of habitual near-life experiences to rediscover life, foster latent creativity and reclaim their whole potential. Kay has been described as “the world’s leading thinking on intention.” She says that means intention is the assignment God has given her to master at this point on her journey. To date, here spiritual homework has included writing four books on fear, courage, and intention. She describes The Game Called Life as the ultimate exercise in spiritual surrender…written in five days with passion that changed her life and her health. Kay writes the blog, and she is also a keynote speaker, in addition to her “day job” as senior organizational development consultant at NASA Headquarters.

You can read more at Kay’s blog:

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  1. Kourtnaye(Kaye)
    Aug 24, 2017

    I feel a lot of affinity withthe expereinces of being ready to leave a job that is secure but unfulfiling and the atmosphere of disbelief from people around who can’t understand doing so without a solid next step.

    I’ve been doing a lot of ‘faithing’ myself, building toward knowing that making the space for something better to come into my life really does mean that’s exactly what is happening. 🙂

    I Really enjoyed this talk, Thanks!

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