TC360: Cafe Book Club – The Game Called Life – Part 3

TC360: Cafe Book Club – The Game Called Life – Part 3

In this week’s episode of the Transformation Cafe podcast, host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost welcome back Kay Gilley, the author of “The Game Called Life” available from Amazon. In this episode they discuss chapters 5 and 6.

The Game Called Life: Book Club Notes

Chapter 5 – Reconciliation

(Chapters 5 & 6 are actions we need to take to win in the game called Life. Emphasis on connecting with Oneness, asking, listening.)

To win at the game called Life requires us to be in the present—not in the future which cannot be known by anyone nor in the past where our karmic story dominated our lives.  Moving from our karmic story into our divine legacy story requires “reconciliation”—the bringing together of these two diametrically opposed world views. The process of reconciliation assists us to keep the only commitment that binds our souls—the one we made before we were conceived to our soul and our integrity: to be at One with All That Is.

The process of reconciliation:

  1. Hold self in Oneness
  2. Ask what the Universe would have us do to be at One with our intentions—the goals of our souls
  3. Listen to the answer and then follow precisely (We don’t need to, and probably won’t, understand directions. Our job is to follow.)

Broken commitments and guilt, blame, and shame resulting from lack of forgiveness from our karmic story take us out of the present and into the past, creating “pinpricks in our integrity.”

Commitments-identify broken commitments, learn from them, and consciously choose what behaviors you will choose in your divine legacy story.

Forgiveness-is God’s nature. We are all here to experience our godliness. Players are reflecting their godliness when they forgive when asked for forgiveness, and they allow others to step into their godliness when they ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness liberates players from the burdens of guilt, blame, and shame that keep pulling us into the past.  Forgiveness process:

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Ask for forgiveness     K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple, Simon
  3. Say thank you
  4. Make amends

We can be overwhelmed when we begin to identify all the broken commitments and forgiveness breeches.  Karma will want us to think it is too much and that we cannot win, so we will give up.  Important to remember that each action fulfills several intentions, while building relationships and trust—the essence of being in the present.

Chapter 6 – Integration

The complexities of our sum total of the covenants of all the people in the world, overlapping and constantly changing, challenges our human brains, but Lizzie learns from Helen that when we act as guided, we will serve several intentions at once.  In Chapter 6, Lizzie acts on guidance received in Chapter 5 in her conversations with Helen.  In each case, she is delightfully surprised that, as promised, several intentions are served by simply acting on her guidance.

The lesson that our covenants are memorized in our feelings is reinforced; she notices that each time she completes something that was a covenant, her “heart swells” and feels full, reminding her that she is on track and also assuring her that she has stepped away from her autopilot mode.

Click the link below to purchase The Game Called Life on Amazon.

About Kay:

Kay Gilley is a spiritual coach and mentor to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. In her writing, public speaking and individual work, she helps individuals break out of habitual near-life experiences to rediscover life, foster latent creativity and reclaim their whole potential. Kay has been described as “the world’s leading thinking on intention.” She says that means intention is the assignment God has given her to master at this point on her journey. To date, here spiritual homework has included writing four books on fear, courage, and intention. She describes The Game Called Life as the ultimate exercise in spiritual surrender…written in five days with passion that changed her life and her health. Kay writes the blog, and she is also a keynote speaker, in addition to her “day job” as senior organizational development consultant at NASA Headquarters.

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