TC 229: Yoga for Children

TC 229: Yoga for Children

In this fun and inspirational episode of the Transformation-Cafe podcast, Robin welcomes back Lauren Rovira, founder and owner of Source Studio in Riverside, California. Lauren describes her Little Lotus Yoga classes for children, who she calls her “little yogis”!  Little Lotus Yoga classes are for children ages 3-11 who want to experience the fun of creating the mind/body connection. Classes are positive and energetic, while still teaching youth how to calm their bodies and quiet their minds.

Through games, music, stories and props, children learn and understand a wide variety of yoga poses in a loving environment with room to express and create.

Find out how children as young as three learn about compassion, consciousness, and healthy living as they develop a solid foundation in their spiritual growth.


It’s never too early to start your Yoga practice!


Links for Source Studio

Source Studio ( offers yoga classes, Zumba classes, and R.I.P.P.E.D, a high-intensity workout that combines a cardiovascular routine with resistance and weights.

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